Hire a Swing Band for Your Next Special Event

You  may be organizing a private party, a wedding reception or a corporate event and would like to impress the stakeholders including the bosses and for all these events to click, be enjoyable and memorable, great entertainment must be incorporated. Entertainments can vary in many forms like comedy, drama and even songs but nothing can outdo a swing band in real entertainment.

These swing bands cover a broad range of sounds and moods like mixing jazz, rhythm and blues, the lindy hop, jump jive or rock and roll. Depending on the type of the event, particular swings feature since they cover specific moods. Again these bands vary in size and should be proportional to the attendants of the event. A large band may not favor a small occasion likewise a small band may not be suitable for a large event with numerous attendants.

Who is in the Band

They come with many instruments like the double bass, brass section, the piano, electric guitar and the harmony vocals. What makes the swing bands more interesting is their sharp image, their appearance and stage presence. Their image is usually retro that is the 1940s and 1960s style. They will take an individual to an era of style with classical music which used to be played in the 1920s. If the music is played live, it’s more entertaining and it suits both the young and old alike. The guests who would love to dance will get the opportunity while those who will sit to watch, clap and tap their feet will also be free to do so. There are many Swing bands and the Prestige Swing, Sinatra Swingers, Swing Central are just but a few of the famous bands.

Check out the Band First

For an organizer to ensure quality during performance, there has to be a great demo CD or video. Again, great photos, customer reviews, equipment and experience in the industry must be considered. During the event, the band will arrive in time to set their equipment like the PA system, sound checks to ensure quality performance. For good performance, the stage for performing must be standard to suit the size of the band like a three piece band only require three by three meters at minimum. Again, the room should be comfortable.

All in all, bands will perform better within their capability. Their performance may last for one or two hours to keep the guests going. On the price to be paid, the size, quality and experience of the band will play a great role in determining. Minimum price might be four hundred pounds and higher than three thousand pounds. It all depends on the budget.